I had a very positive and uplifting post prepared for today, but it doesn’t seem right to post it anymore. It will have to wait for another time. In light of the events in Orlando, I think that something needs to be said. Where to begin?

Last night a gunman opened fire in a gay nightclub, hitting more than 100 people and killing more than 50 before being gunned down by police. I will not name him or post his picture, because I do not believe people like him deserve to be remembered. It almost goes without saying that he pledged allegiance to ISIS before the attack, that he was under investigation by the FBI, and that officials have denied that his Islamic faith had anything to do with the attack. We all know the pattern by now.

Of course, within minutes the mainstream media chose the same tired old boogieman to blame the attack on, that this would have never happened if he didn’t have access to firearms. Never let a tragedy go to waste, right? It boggles my mind that this claim can be made, and in literally the next sentence comparisons are made to the attack in Paris, where guns are very heavily regulated. In the next sentence the attempted attack in Garland Texas is mentioned, but the fact that the only people killed in that attack were the ISIS affiliated terrorists because their would-be victims were armed is conveniently ignored.

I’ve been hesitant to talk about the Islamic religion. I grew up with Muslim friends, and have never felt threatened by most Muslims. I truly believe that most Muslims are good people, just as I believe that most Christians are good people. I believe, and have always believed, that the problem is theocratic Islamism, and the belief in a government based on religion.

Violent revolutions and governments are not always based on religion. Communism is the most violent political ideology to ever scourge the Earth, and is completely atheist. What promotes violence is extremism and self-righteous contempt for non-believers. People who do not conform to the Islamist world view, just as the bourgeoisie under Communism, can and should be killed without guilt or shame.

In the case of this latest attack, the perpetrator had a known hatred for homosexuals. While the LGBT and feminist communities have actively defended Islamism, homosexuals and empowered women are particularly hated by Islamist extremists. Because gay and feminist activists have allied themselves with leftist ideologies, they have shunned firearms and refused to implement basic security measures.

The shooting last night will no doubt widen the political divide in this country. On one side, people believe that the existence of guns is responsible, and that they should be outlawed. These people are living in the stone age. Guns cannot be uninvented. They can be improvised from random materials. They can be 3D printed. They can be smuggled and sold by the same people who import drugs. On the other side of the divide are people who understand that we are under attack, and disarming is the last thing we should do. The conquest of the West by Islamism will never be successful as long as the populace is armed.

I have been shaken to my core, and I am pleading from the bottom of my heart. Especially if you are gay, and especially if you are a woman: defend yourself. Defend your loved ones. Do not sell us out to those who would conquer and subjugate us. Buy a gun! Take a safety course! Get a concealed carry permit! Do not begrudge others the opportunity to do the same!