So, the FBI has recommended that Hillary Clinton not be charged for her grossly negligent handling of classified material. Is anyone really surprised by this? The fingerprints of political manipulation are all over this one. From the cloak and dagger meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on a Phoenix runway to Obama’s sudden decision to start stumping for Hillary, this whole business reeks of intrigue.

I honestly can’t help but wonder if this obvious manipulation of the justice system for the benefit of Hillary Clinton will hurt her more than help her in the coming election. After all, a recommendation to indict her would have launched a long drawn out process which would have lasted well beyond the election, and could have been spun as politically motivated. By not recommending an indictment, Comey was able to air all of her dirty laundry for the whole world.

Much of the evidence he presented would not have come out until the trial had he recommended prosecution. Yes, she sent and received classified documents through an unsecured private server. Yes, they were already classified at the time. Yes, the data was likely compromised by hackers and foreign governments. Yes, relevant emails were deleted. No, she will not be charged. Yes, if it was anyone else they would be.

While the excuse given was essentially that there was not sufficient evidence to establish criminal intent, that rarely matters in these circumstances. Take the case of Bryan Nishimura. Last year he pleaded guilty to downloading classified material to a personal device. The FBI determined that he didn’t have any intent to distribute the material, but he was still forced to pay a fine, serve two years of probation, and (more importantly) surrender his security clearance and was barred from ever holding a security clearance in the future. More recently, Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier was charged with taking photos in the engine room on the nuclear submarine where he worked. He then destroyed the laptop, camera, and memory card when he learned that he was under investigation. Remind you of anyone? He never shared the photos with anyone outside the Navy, and now faces serious jail time.

Of course, the most transparent administration in history has shown no restraint in the prosecution of whistle blowers under the Espionage Act. When asked about Edward Snowden, Hillary Clinton said that “he is a lawbreaker. He violated American law. He violated his duties that he assumed when he took the job that he had.” Shouldn’t her own standards of justice be applied to her? Edward Snowden tweeted last week: “Break classification rules for the public’s benefit, and you could be exiled. Do it for personal benefit, and you could be President.”

Some Democrats may label anyone who criticizes Hillary Clinton as a sexist or conspiracy theorist, but are more than willing to claim that a vast right wing conspiracy is attacking her and forcing Obama to kill innocent people with drone strikes. The fact is that because she is a woman, Hillary Clinton is less likely to go to jail. The fact that she is a Clinton (apparently) makes her above the law. The fact that she is not being charged means that there is no justice in this country. The law is applied arbitrarily, and with political intent. The Rule of Law has failed, and a criminal may well be elected president in November.