congressman x book - the confessions

This book has been getting a lot of attention lately, which is amazing considering that literally nobody has read it. All that anyone has seen is the list of a half dozen quotes on the back cover shown on the sales page.

These quotes immediately piqued my interest. While they were all undoubtedly factual, any of them could have been stated by anybody who has observed the workings of congress from the outside for more than about thirty seconds. Of course, most of our psychopathic overlords in congress act this way because they are completely void of human emotion or conscience. I find it hard to believe that one of these individuals would suddenly develop the urge to confess their misdeeds to the world.

The book is allegedly written by an unnamed Democratic congressman. The Author’s Biography section on Amazon lists only information pertaining to his “editor and confidant”, Robert Atkinson. Nearly all of the information provided in regards to Atkinson appears to be fabricated.

The only factual statement about Atkinson’s identity appears to be that he wrote under the pseudonym “Andrew Harper” for a travel publication called “Hideaway Report”. A corporation called “Harper Associates Inc” was once registered to a Robert H. Atkinson with an address in Sun Valley, Idaho. A Robert Harper Atkinson currently resides in Boise, and had a previous address in Sun Valley. He and his wife, Brenda, have a scholarship in their name at the University, though I could not find his name in reference to the Honors College Advisory Board, which was listed among his credentials on the Amazon page.

A simple search of the congressional staff directory reveals that Robert Harper Atkinson at no point served as a chief of staff or press secretary to any congressman. A Robert Price Atkinson did serve as media director for Republican representative Bob Inglis, but this is clearly not the same individual.

It is possible that Robert Harper Atkinson was profiled by the New York Times, Forbes, etc. and that these articles are simply no longer available online. However, the only articles written by or about a Robert Atkinson that I could find in any of these publications were about Robert D. Atkinson. This Robert Atkinson is an economist with actual credentials, but does not fit the profile outlined in the author’s biography for the Congressman X book.

So what’s the deal with this Congressman X book? I suspect that it is simply a viral marketing campaign. The book will likely be full of truth, but not facts. It is under 100 pages, sells for $10 per copy, and is already the number #1 bestseller in the Politics and Government category on Amazon a week before its release. I’ll give Harper a slow clap for expert level trolling, but I won’t buy his book unless I am proven wrong in my suspicion that “Congressman X” is an entirely fictitious character.