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If you don’t know anything about me, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Sam Owens-Tuite.  I am as gay as a maypole, and *gasp* a conservative.  My values are deeply rooted in a sense of community, but I am generally a staunch traditionalist when it comes to the interpretation of both the Constitution and the role of Government as a whole.  I could be considered a libertarian, I suppose.  All of this must be taken into consideration before I continue, lest I be called out for my privilege and mischaracterized as a straight white male, which I hear is the most hated group in America right now.  I do not get along with most Social Justice Warriors, and I do not believe that they are necessarily in the right.  It is with these things in mind that I continue forward.

For the past ten years, we proud few, we kings among Men, we gay men have been fed a bill of goods.  We have been told to lock step with ideologies that do not suit us.  We have been told that we are still an oppressed group.  We have been told that our feelings are so very important that we should view them as the prime factor in our decision making with no regard to our personal finance, our safety, or rights that don’t include the word marriage.  This is a farce that has been thrown in our faces with such vigor that it’s hard to tell truth from a falsehood.  The reality of the situation is so much worse.

Take the Rise of Radical Islam as an example.  On June 12th, 2016, Omar Mateen carried out the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11.  He did this while pledging allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  This attack by itself would be justification enough to end refugee entry to the country.  Yes, he was an American Citizen, but three weeks prior to the attack he had attended a Mosque where an Imam said that the only “compassionate alternative” for the gay lifestyle was death.  Hours later, Donald Trump was the only person willing to state the obvious, that this attack was carried out by a radicalized individual who was influenced by his religion.  The Democrats, however, were silent, going as far as [redacting] the whole of the 911 transcript with USAG Loretta Lynch leading the brigade to silence opposition to Islam.  Meanwhile, throughout the Middle East and anywhere Islam touches, we are met with news of gay men being thrown from rooftops, stoned to death, or most horrific of all, beheaded.  The Left remains silent and throws around the remarkably stupid term ‘Islamophobia’. Donald Trump, however, calls the issue like it is; Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Another Leftist Ideology, namely Third-Wave Feminism, has also left gay men behind.  In Third Wave, a common theme of intersectionality is enforced and thus a theme of common victimhood is encouraged.  This type of perpetual victimhood does nothing but reinforce the idea of helplessness.  Are you helpless?  Are you looking for someone to blame?  Have I got an ideology for you!  The function of third-wave feminism at first glance looks good, equal representation for minorities across the board.  The problem with it comes from the idea that there are various levels to your victimhood.  It is a true ‘race to the bottom’ if there ever was one.  If you are a white gay man, it turns out you aren’t oppressed enough. If you do not date outside of your own race, you are called ‘homo-normative’ and are thus using your privilege by only dating your own race. Regardless of your preferences, you are now the oppressor.  Third Wave Feminism has proven that it would rather punish you for your privileges than engage you as an equal.  It is trash.

Yet another movement that has left us behind is Black Lives Matter.  While I respect the goal of promoting understanding and awareness of police brutality, BLM has also chosen to interrupt major events, such as Pride Toronto, and have even gone as far as interrupting a vigil being held by victims of the June 12th attack.  Where these individuals have previously viewed us as an ally, they now refuse to acknowledge our presence at a time when homophobia within the black community is at an absolute peak and more black on black violence is committed in major cities than white on black.  Black Lives Matter (and I’m sure I’ll get death threats for this) has once again proven that the perpetual victimhood ideology fails because it simply fails to secure allies by alienating the other groups around it.

The Left will always devour itself when the chips look like they’re even slightly down.

Meanwhile, the rapid expansion of the state wants to hold us in perpetual victimhood via our inclusion into the Civil Rights Act, which apparently guarantees our reparations.  Are we victims?  Do we really need to rely on the state to help us out, or have we not proven ourselves to be problem-solvers?  Democrats seem to think that we are victims, that we are incapable of protecting and helping ourselves without the State.  They want us to be hopeless and hapless victims of circumstance based on a miniscule portion of our identity.

Luckily for us gays, there is hope.  There is a man that defended us in The Advocate a full twelve years before Hillary Clinton endorsed Gay Marriage.  There is a man that would leave it up to the states to decide on the so-called ‘bathroom issue’.  There is a man.

Donald Trump is a social-liberal.  It’s abundantly clear to me that he doesn’t care at all what people do in their private lives and has left most of these decisions up to the states.  This to me is a true statesman.  He doesn’t seek power, he seeks to dismantle the power structure from within.  To end the corruption and the mire of absurd garbage we are fed on a day to day basis.  Donald Trump is the last and only logical choice for gay men to succeed in this country.

Clinton on the other hand wants to bring in refugees without a proper vetting process, encourage more perpetual victimhood and expand the state, and encourage BLM.  All of the things that have stood in the way of the gay progress she claims to support. The support of her by people within my community is the surest sign of cognitive dissonance imaginable. That people within the gay community even for a second believe her to be an ally is insane to me.

Come November, and even if you never vote for a Republican again, vote for Donald J. Trump for President.  Vote for your wallet and your personal well-being.  Don’t vote for your feelings.  Feelings are not facts, but a President Trump would be the best thing that could happen in these trying times.

By Sam Owens-Tuite



This is Sam’s second guest post on my blog (read his first post here). I have known Sam for over a decade, and he has always been vocal about his politics. As a gay man raised by Socialists, he is able to speak on topics that my heterosexual cis white male brain can’t comprehend. Sam is a former Bernie supporter, but has since abandoned the failed ideology of Socialism and now sexually identifies as a centipede (or sometimes an attack helicopter). I sometimes think that I have created a monster by introducing Sam to Milo Yiannopoulos.  I may not agree with Sam on everything, but I’d always rather have a beer with a Trump supporter than a Hillary supporter. He can be reached via Twitter using @owenstsl.
– Ross Ticknor

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