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Hillary Clinton’s questionable health was finally recognized by the mainstream media today when she left a 9-11 memorial event at ground zero early because of a “medical episode”. On video she is seen stumbling, going limp, and being dragged into a black van, losing a shoe in the process.

Prior to her stumble a metallic snap can be heard, her leg twists awkwardly, and a piece of metal falls from her pant leg.

There has been plenty of speculation about what the object could be, but I suspect that it is part of a leg brace. A clear enough shot of her shoe coming off might reveal part of the brace, but I have not be able to find one yet.


Clinton was apparently not taken to a hospital, unusual for a presidential candidate who collapses in public. Instead, she went to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment, where she received care from her personal doctor. She emerged several hours later, obviously drugged to the gills.

The explanations for the “medical episode” by the Clinton campaign have changed throughout the day. Initially it was blamed on the heat, which was odd considering the temperature in New York was only in the high 70’s at the time of the incident. Her doctor later revealed that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia. This diagnosis does not explain all of Clinton’s medical issues, which go back several years.

Members of the independent media have been raising questions about the medical status of the presidential candidate for several weeks, but have mostly been dismissed as conspiracy theorists. Speculations have included complications resulting from a concussion she sustained in December of 2012 and Parkinson’s disease. Unless she can be convinced to release her medical records it is just a guessing game. Even then, unless an independent medical authority conducts an exam I don’t think that either candidate can be trusted to share the truth about their health.

The mainstream media has been covering for Clinton for some time now, and most of them have continued to stay on script today. She did that lame pickle jar gag on Jimmie Kimmel, and the questions about her health have been openly mocked recently. Even now, Huffington Post is publishing articles calling her “strong as hell” for continuing to campaign in spite of her pneumonia diagnosis. The problems with Clinton’s health can’t be ignored or covered up anymore, though.

Donald Trump has been surprisingly silent on Hillary’s collapse. It seems like a prime opportunity to sling some mud. Lately he has been avoiding issues discussion, instead focusing on positivity, party unity, glitter, and rainbows. I suspect that he is trying to combat the “dark” and “deplorable” labels that Hillary has been ineffectively employing. Nobody has beaten Trump at his own game, and I doubt that Hillary will be the first.

I have little doubt that pressure to release her medical records will grow in the next few days. This is a crucial time for Hillary’s campaign. Even acknowledging these questions will hurt her in the polls, where she has been steadily losing ground to Donald Trump. After staying out of public for much of August, opting instead to hide out with the rich and famous at private fund raisers, she can’t exactly run from today’s events.

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