How I Got Over Socialism
(and Accidentally Became a Republican)

To begin, I’d like to preface by saying that I’ve worked on Democratic campaigns for multiple offices and have generally overwhelmingly voted in their favor in the past.  I have always been a bit more conservative than my friends, but I have always noted that I have either defined myself as a libertarian or a patriot.  I believe in the power of the people to make positive change, and while yes, the current Democratic Party says that they’re in favor of the people they have done almost nothing to show for it.  I say this after having spent the majority of my life involved in some way with politics or political debate.  I say this after witnessing how the Democratic Party has turned into the party of manipulation of safety or accused racism and turned it into division while relying on a narrative of togetherness.

By relying on an economic strategy focused on globalization or worse, the Democratic Party seems to now want fully open borders because it is somehow racist to want to protect your nation.  The line that’s often fed to you is that we’re a global society, but that the United States is somehow an imperialist, so we need to simultaneously cut America down to size while encouraging global development.  What good is that going to do for you, Little America?


What good is encouraging the upper class to become empowered by a low-skilled, low-wage working class?  None.  What good is encouraging immigration, unless we are being provided with the best, most skilled people to put in the best positions?  We aren’t.  More illegal immigrants will occupy our federal prison in the next four years than any other group combined.  The answer is simple: deport them.  Between deportation along the borders, processing, and within the criminal system, the American people are losing between $150b-$200b a year.  A year.  We are a country of $20 trillion dollars of debt while we are consistently failing our Veterans, failing our lower class, and failing our children while we spend exorbitant amounts of money subsidizing countries that are sending these people to us.

Why should they be able to take advantage of their relationship with America in this way? Either their people need to stop coming over the borders illegally, or we need to stop sending them money.  Period.

This has all happened under the combined Presidencies of Bush 41, Clinton 42, Bush 43 and Obama 44. Something more sinister was working in the shadows, however.  While the Democrats were convincing you that they were operating in your best interests, the Republican and Democratic parties slowly became each other.  They deliberately colluded in whatever way they could for their owners.  This is nothing new.  Corruption is a very real element in society, and it’s only natural that it would eventually steep into the House of Representatives, State Department, and Senate.  This is probably most evidenced by the War in Iraq or the Affordable Care Act.  Both were incredibly unpopular pieces of government blundering, but I would allege that the ACA or Obamacare was intentionally worded to pilfer the poor of even more of their tax dollars.

It was because of a combination of both of those things that made me so apt to join the Sanders bandwagon this time around.  I have had an inherent hatred of the Establishment for the past twenty five years of time, and like many Americans, I am exhausted of it.

What has turned me off to Sanders, however, is his inherent hold on old socialism.  I look at his followers, who seem to have radicalized under multiple extent banners, with a bit of fear.  Socialism hasn’t worked anywhere that it’s been implemented.  Socialism didn’t work in Venezuela, where unemployment is skyrocketing and their currency has been devalued.  Socialism can’t work in a system where our debt is thirty times higher than our GDP.  It can’t work in a service-side economy where manufacturing jobs have been sent overseas.   It simply can’t work in a system that has told you that your personal feelings are more important than what you can get out of the deal.

Sanders’ followers, meanwhile, have been vocally aggressive and are what have been commonly referred to as the ‘regressive left’ the rise of self-victimhood and anti-free speech have dominated the news cycle.  New words have entered into our vocabulary to describe this victimhood.  People don’t want to hear about how many black crimes are perpetrated against other black people, only how police brutality affects that community.  People want to understand the wage gap, but don’t want to go into further research, they want to accept conflagrant headlines. People don’t want to understand illegal immigration, they just want to call you racist for being opposed to it.  People don’t want to understand socialism, they just want free stuff. Good on you for convincing people that that’ll work, when in reality it adds upwards of $20t to the national debt and will further damage our already fragile economy.

Meanwhile, Venezuela is, under the Maduro regime, a socialist state.  At first, socialism was seen as a great boost to their economy, but in recent months, the country has seen more and more of its larger businesses leave and many smaller companies are starting to close up shop.  For the people, this is a nightmare.  Recent reports in such notable publications such as Politico or even Fox News have documented the harsh and insane treatment of the people.  Breadlines with small food rations.  A jobless rate of nearly 70% and a two-day workweek for government employees have made Venezuela an entirely unsustainable and nearly hostile environment.  Bernie praised these breadlines, noting that ‘at least everyone was fed’.  He conveniently forgets about such socialist programs in our own country that offer food stamps to the poor while cutting benefits for our veterans.  Socialism seems like the ethical choice, but it is mired in both corruption and anti-philanthropic pursuits.

And then we have Hillary Clinton.  Oh, Hillary.  Where do I start?  Is it your e-mails or your speeches, your curtailing to your wealthy owners or the pandering to people you claim to represent?  How this establishment shill got to the point she did in her career astounds me.  As Secretary of State, she has no significant achievement attached to her name.  She throws around her record of human rights while simultaneously performing vicious acts against women, and didn’t support gay rights until 2007. She boasts transparency while keeping a private e-mail server.  Lauds security, but failed to act in Benghazi. Meanwhile, she accepts gigantic donations as ‘speaking fees’ and considers relying on people hating her enemy more than hating her as her only viable campaign platform.

We are witnessing the final death-throws of the Democratic Party and will see it split itself under the weight of different groups.  The Left has to face the fact that it’s fracturing and face it pretty soon.  It’ll be much harder to gain traction on any of them, to unite them under a single banner, because every one of them has its own claims on the mantle of various nationalists that want power.

Meanwhile, a growing number of young men, myself included, have viewed the Donald Trump candidacy as a sign of actual, tangible hope.   More and more young people are flocking to the business mogul and reality television star under the lens of his America First doctrine.  In America First, and yes, it is alt-right nationalism at its core, it views the individual as an indelible part of the system.  It views the individual as an element of progress in itself.  By focusing on the individual, there are ways to improve the whole by improving oneself.  Already, I’ve started thinking of ways to save money rather than squandering it.  Already, I have asserted that my body is essentially a machine.  Rather than focus on the false songs of either globalism (at the hands of Clinton) or socialism (at the hands of Sanders) America First takes a nationalist tone while asserting that the individual is what makes the country great.  Socialism and Globalism are more collectivist influenced, with almost no focus on the individual aspects of society.

We’ve already witnessed the end of the Republican Party this year with Donald Trump, and we will continue to see centralization and more alt-right antics take place.  We have learned that the American electorate has wised up to the crookedness of the Left, of the constant shifting on topics to suit a narrative of ‘social justice’ that not only has been manipulative, but is inherently divisive.  The party of Lincoln, the party of Reagan, is now the Party of Trump and his populist army.  It is no longer the party of Ted Cruz or Paul Ryan, it is the party of the moderate with a laissez faire attitude on personal choice and a protectionist stance on economics.  We are the party of togetherness and unity at a time where our opponents are fractured and self-hating.  We are the party opposed to the shills that have taken over our government.  Fight together or lose alone.  Come, join the new Republican Party, and together we will take our nation back.

We have witnessed Bernie Sanders’ ‘political revolution’, but we have witnessed it in the form of Donald J. Trump, and not a minute too soon. America First.


by Sam Owens-Tuite



This is the first of what will hopefully be a series of articles written by guest writers on this blog. I have known Sam for over a decade, and he has always been vocal about his politics. As a gay man raised by Socialists he never fully stood in the camp where the collectivist identity politics of the left would place him, and always expressed a more complex and nuanced opinion. Recently he has shifted from supporting Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump. While I often disagree with Sam, I always enjoy our conversations, and feel that he adds an undeniable special sauce to any discussion. I have asked him to write about his shift in politics out of an interest in what draws my peers to Socialism, and has eventually turned Sam away from the ideology. He can be reached via Twitter using @owenstsl.
– Ross Ticknor