Trump’s epic reaming of the media during a press conference was the best thing I’ve seen all week. I needed it too. I’ve been feeling a little glum in the wake of the Libertarian convention. I may not like Trump much, but I have to appreciate his ability to produce entertaining television. The media has had it out for Trump since day one, but they have escalated their attacks recently. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the verbal whooping he handed to them on Memorial Day.

If you haven’t watched the video, please do. It is absolute gold. He calls them out by name. He calls them sleazes. When they ask if this is what they can expect from a Trump presidency he responds that yes, it is. The media is so detached from reality that they think this is the nail in Trump’s coffin. Nothing could be further from the truth. News stories in the aftermath of the thrashing have referred to Trump’s behavior as a “tantrum”, but that word would more accurately describe the media’s butt-hurt whining.

I can’t help but wonder what the media response on Memorial Day would be if Hillary Clinton raised $5.6 million for vets. Oh wait, the New York Times just ran a puff piece on what a wonderful philanthropist she is for donating $105,000 to veterans… over a six year period. Oh, and the largest donation ($25k in 2009) was for a golf course. Here is your compassionate progressive candidate, Democrats. She sends our youth to die in foreign wars, then builds golf courses in their honor. Clearly, she well deserves the fawning admiration of the media.

Undue suspicion has been lobbed at Trump for his charitable contributions, and everything he has ever done is being scrutinized for any hint of scandal. Meanwhile, Clinton is up to her perfectly sculpted eyebrows in controversy, including the use of her own charity to launder bribe money used for political favors. If the same level of scrutiny was applied to Hillary Clinton, her own party would be calling for the indictment.

The Trump University thing is also pretty ridiculous. So what if they suggested that people open a line of credit to pay for the $30,000 program? You will get the same hard sell at any car dealership. As for the allegations that the education program was overpriced, failed to deliver on promises, and defrauded students, the same could be said of virtually any public university.

Most colleges have massive Freshman classes that they could never educate through graduation. They charge huge prices for tuition, encouraging students to take out loans that will likely never be repaid. They force students to live in dormitories and use a cafeteria meal plan which exponentially increases the cost of living. They do everything they can to encourage the vast majority of the Freshman class to drop out after having been fleeced. How is Trump University worse than that? At least students at TU were offered refunds, and have managed to pursue legal action against the organization for damages. Try that with any public college and see how far you get. This just illustrates how the private sector is held to a much higher standard.

I’m not saying that Donald Trump deserves your vote or mine. On issues he is very hit and miss. Of course, he is better than Hillary Clinton who appears to be wrong about everything all the time. Donald might make every decision based on a coin flip for all I know, but at least that should give him a 50% success rate. I am also not saying that the media should go easy on him, just that they should stop going easy on Hillary Clinton, and stop acting like a bunch of whining toddlers when Trump fires back.