It Berns...
It Berns…

Ted Cruz threw in the towel yesterday, and now Kasich appears to be suspending his campaign as well, offering Trump a clear line to the nomination. The hardest of the #NeverTrump neocons are either giving up their crusade, swallowing their pride, and rallying behind either name brand Republican Donald Trump, or backing not-so-secretly Neocon Hillary Clinton.

So what gives, Bernie? Sanders clearly has zero chance of grabbing the Democratic nomination by normal means, and it isn’t likely that bringing the campaign all the way to the convention will change anything. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing him stay in the fight, but I only see two motivations behind the decision.

Scenario 1: Bernie Sanders is preparing for an Independent Bid.

Although he was dismissive of Trump’s advice to continue on as an Independent, I wouldn’t rule it out. Democrats have been calling on him to endorse Hillary and drop out for weeks now, but if anything he has started really attacking her for the first time in his campaign. If he had been running this way from the beginning, I doubt he would be in the doldrums now.

He continues to insist that he has a path to victory, and that he won’t continue as an Independent past the convention. These two statements seem mutually exclusive. The only path he has to victory at this point is as an Independent. Either dementia has set in and Bernie has finally snapped, or…


Scenario 2: Bernie knows something we don’t know.

The email scandal plaguing Clinton’s campaign could still pose real problems in the general election. Those investigating the issue have continued to push back the decision on whether to pursue an indictment or not. We were told several months ago that we could expect something in several months. Well…?

Bernie has refused to attack Hillary on the issue, famously claiming that he was “sick and tired of hearing about her damn emails” in one of the debates. This could have been a simple ploy to claim the votes of Hillary supporters should she end up withdrawing from the campaign due to her legal troubles, however.

As a member of Congress with plenty of ears around Washington, it is perfectly conceivable that Bernie may have a little birdie telling him to hang on just a little bit longer, that an indictment is just around the corner.

All this little birdie knows is that criminals on Clinton’s level can commit crimes in broad daylight in front of news cameras, and they never go to jail. The last thing I saw said that if an indictment comes, it likely won’t be until after the election. Still, if it looks likely, the DNC may pull the plug on Clinton rather than risk the political fallout of having a newly elected president, the first female president, prosecuted just after her election. All of those super delegates could still close the gap if they jump ship at the convention.

Whatever happens, we are surely in for more entertainment this silly season. I can’t wait for the general election debates.

By Ross Ticknor