The charges against Jesse Benton should not reflect on Ron Paul, or Donald Trump for that matter. He is a self described “political operative” who has always been a shill for the establishment. Ron has been very defensive of Benton. We like to think of him as an infallible judge of character, but Benton is married to his grand daughter, after all.

Jesse Benton, not Ron Paul, has been convicted of falsifying campaign records and attempting to bribe Iowa Senator Kent Sorenson with $73,000. While Paul has stood by Benton, describing the charges as a “political vendetta” and saying that the indictment was politically timed, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the charges were true. Of course, even assuming the legitimacy of the charges, buying votes and endorsements is what politics is all about in this country. No doubt the campaign staff of Hillary Clinton would be joining her in a jail cell if justice was dispensed evenly. I’m sure Ron Paul knew nothing about the activities of Benton, I believe he is above such things, but he seems to have a tendency to give people the benefit of doubt, perhaps to a fault.

Tom Woods, a true friend of liberty who worked with Benton at one time, has been very vocal about his opinion of Jesse Benton in the wake of Ron Paul’s 2012 bid for president. Woods blames Benton for watering down the message of Ron Paul, and trying to run him as an establishment GOP candidate. Benton was actively disdainful of the grass roots liberty supporters behind Ron Paul’s success, and he showed his true colors by working on Mich McConnell’s reelection campaign in 2014.

All of this should come as welcome news to Donald Trump supporters. Benton was the chief strategist in the pro-Trump super PAC, which Trump himself has completely disavowed, and demanded to cease using his image and slogan. Obviously having a pro-establishment mainstream GOP shill running campaigns for anti-establishment infiltrators has backfired in the past.

In recent days, however, Trump has softened on accepting donations. He told the Wall Street Journal that “I’ll be putting up money, but won’t be completely self-funding.” It will be interesting to see how this affects his campaign. I think most of his supporters realize that even a man of Trump’s means can’t afford a billion dollar presidential bid with only his own capital, but hope that he won’t be bought like every other politician (Ron Paul excluded, of course). One thing is for sure, the fun never stops this election cycle!


By Ross Ticknor