One Bush, Two Bush, Red Bush, Blue Bush
One Bush, Two Bush, Red Bush, Blue Bush

It speaks to the pathological narcissism of the GOP establishment that they are still in denial concerning the power they wield. They still believe that they can sway voters by endorsing or refusing to endorse some candidate. Sorry Bushes, nobody cares what you think.

The only reason that Trump has been so successful is that all the right people hate him. It validates his anti-establishment rhetoric. National Review hates Trump? His polls go up. Lindsey Graham hates Trump? His polls go up. The Koch brothers? Bill Kristol? All those haters are feathers in Trump’s cap.

I fully expect the public refusal of H.W. and G.W. to endorse Trump, even given his inevitability as the nomination, to generate a wave of support for Trump. It may even raise his poll numbers against Hillary Clinton. After all, she supported basically everything the Bush Dynasty ever accomplished, not that your average voter is aware of her establishment anti-civil liberties pro-war history.

I have no reason to believe that Trump would be significantly better than any other president. He seems slightly less belligerently pro-war than progressive hawks like Hillary Clinton and John Kasich. Although Ted Cruz was extremely unlikeable and threatened war all over the place, he was probably better than Trump on domestic and economic policy. Bernie of course, while good on foreign policy, lived in a fantasy world where an economy of 300,000,000 people can be managed in Xcel, a delusion that Trump seems to share at times.

Trump does, however, represent a political shift in this country that I find incredibly optimistic. Bernie would be right up there with him if he hadn’t been such a milk toast suck up to the Democrat establishment. People are fed up with Bushes and Clintons. They know that they have been lied to, and are asking all the right questions. Trump is not stupid and neither are his supporters, despite what your Facebook feed tells you.

Trump certainly would not be the worst outcome for this country at this point. The worst outcome would be Hillary Clinton. But, if we are doomed to be ruled by an authoritarian, it might as well be one who seems relatively disinclined toward mass murder. He is also entertaining, which should at least make the next term better than the last two.

By Ross Ticknor