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On Tuesday night, something strange happened on the Twitterverse. Simultaneously in Cleveland, something else entirely was going on.  It appears Breitbart’s own Milo Yiannopoulos is once again suspended from Twitter after a small contingent of his followers attacked Ghostbusters (2016) actress Leslie Jones over a retweet which came from a follower of hers. The retweet, which labels Milo as an “Uncle Tom” of the gay world met sharp criticism from supporters of Yiannopoulos’ work. The actions of his followers would lead to Milo being permanently banned from Twitter.  The actions of Leslie Jones’ followers would lead her to being commended for her bravery

Meanwhile, in Cleveland, Yiannopoulos showed that the GOP and the conservatives are in fact capable of drawing in gay people by hosting a #Gays4Trump party after the second day of the Republican National Convention.

Compare those two messages for a second.  A supposedly left-leaning corporation, and a supposedly left-leaning actress ban Milo from Twitter while he holds a unity party for the rightwing gay contingency.  The GOP, once owned and operated by a now defunct Religious Right, disliked us for our apparent lack of morals, but now has a gay standard bearer.  However, I cannot for the life of me remember a time when the GOP ever so shamelessly silenced dissention within a platform they owned.

In Vox Day’s SJWs Always Lie, the author lists common tactics that the Left often uses to punish their opposition. As has been proven time and time again in recent years, these tactics are becoming all too common, and are a blight on our national integrity.  Primarily using mob justice, the SJW finds an apparent enemy and swarms them, spurns them, or tries to silence them into submission, often by way of a forced apology.  Yiannapoulos, who wrote the foreword for the book, is all too familiar with these tactics and has proven himself impervious to them thus leading to the only natural conclusion: a permaban.

Meanwhile, throughout twitter, rules are broken with extreme prejudice by members of the BLM movement, ISIS sympathizers, and even Jones herself.   None of this substantial evidence will be taken into consideration against them, however.

If the Left were truly the side of liberals, they would not be resorting to authoritarian tactics in how they deal with dissent, especially when that dissent is coming from groups whom the left claim to represent.

If Jones was a mature individual, she would have accepted the criticism of her work and moved on.  It was not an indictment of her character, it was a critique of the work that Yianopoulos happened to dislike.  If she had been mature and not retweeted something with a slur against Milo’s character rather than a critique of his work, it would have been a much better message and would have shown a willingness to accept criticism.  If Twitter had been smarter, they wouldn’t have banned Milo, but they would have instead opened a line of positive communication between the two.

Milo’s event, which featured speakers Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders, and Yianapoulos himself spoke of the threats of radical Islam and the fear of political correctness.  It seemed fitting that their common message should focus on Political Correctness, as only minutes earlier Milo had been banned.  All three touched briefly on radical Islam, the effects of a rapidly changing Europe, and threats made against their rhetoric.  Unity amongst the gays and an opposition to the left’s kowtowing to groups that are not interested in advancing our civil rights was also emphasized.  This event, singularly, would and should make Milo the face of the new gay rights movement; The Liberation from the Left.

Through it all we have learned that if you’re a conservative on Twitter, you deserve to be silenced into submission, even when you advocate unity among your people.  If you are a leftist and advocate murder, death to the west, or simply talk about how stupid white people are, you can stick around as long as you want.


By Sam Owens-Tuite



This is Sam’s third guest post on my blog (read his first post here and second post here). I’ve decided to give him his own category on this site called “Sam Posts”. I have known Sam for over a decade, and he has never been shy about his politics. As a gay apostate of the left and a Trump supporter, he is kind of like my own personal Milo. I couldn’t buy the kind of entertainment produced by trolling the SJWs who follow him here. I may not agree with Sam on everything, but he’s a lot of fun. He can be reached via Twitter using @owenstsl.
– Ross Ticknor

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