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To say that this Presidential Election cycle has been normal in any way would be disparaging to our concept of normalcy. Likewise, to say that either party has put up their best-in-show would also be disparaging to the few among them left untouched by scandal or smarmy insider-politics. One of these parties is in imminent danger of imploding thanks to the realities of living in an age of technology. While there are those who don’t think technology could possibly harm the two party system, I would argue a much different reality is unfolding in front of us.

In this campaign cycle, nothing has hurt the Democratic Party quite like the Democratic Party… and Wikileaks. Exposed as a corrupt and weak standard bearer, Hillary Clinton has been irreparably damaged by Julian Assange. With wave after wave of leaked campaign information, including those from Hillary Clinton’s own private server, another implicating Huma Abedin, and yet another detailing George Soros’ connections to the DNC, Wikileaks is on track to destroy one of the two major parties in the United States.

It all started on July 22nd, when Assange’s Wikileaks released the first batch of information regarding the DNC. These leaks detailed such indiscretions as the Clinton Campaign working with the DNC to rig the primaries, collusion between the media and the Clinton Campaign, and other assorted questionable activities. This confirmed what most people had already suspected; that the whole of the mainstream media was either working to vilify Donald Trump or flat-out ignoring the candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

With the Democratic National Convention mere days away, there was speculation that the Sanders supporters would put up a fight on the convention floor over who would be the party’s nominee. Unfortunately, this did not happen. Within a day of the initial leaks, however, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz stepped down as DNC Chairperson. She was replaced by another chair who also had to be removed due to speculation of involvement with the rigging process. Another day after Wasserman-Schultz’s resignation she went on to join the Clinton Campaign as honorary Chair.

In a move that would later surprise no one, the media couldn’t be bothered to address the criticisms levied against them. Instead they shifted blame to Julian Assange and his expert team of hackers, whistle-blowers, and skeptics.

I didn’t think it could possibly get worse for the DNC, until the next wave of e-mails was released.

This time, the whole campaign strategy was released to the public. In their pdf file entitled “The Donald Trump Report”, the DNC listed possible talking points to bring down Donald Trump, calling him ‘dangerous’, ‘unhinged’ or otherwise unfit for office. While this information was useful to the Republican Party in terms of general election strategy, it became abundantly clear on social media that these were the most common tactics to discredit Mr. Trump.

Then, all hell began breaking loose.

With the third wave of e-mail leaks, this time from Hillary Clinton herself, we got to see how she really thinks.

In one e-mail, detailing Huma Abedin’s relationship to the Democratic Presidential Candidate, it became clear that she had access to Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, which were later revealed to have sensitive material attached. Thus it was confirmed that Abedin, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and a former editor for an anti-western paper had access to documents that may have compromised National Security. Hillary Clinton also committed perjury during last year’s Congressional Hearing when she claimed that no classified content was transferred through her private email. Both pieces of information began to gradually chip away at narratives that have negatively affected the Trump campaign. A true mafioso, however, Hillary Clinton is the ultimate “Teflon-Don”. Huma Abedin is a mook.

The most damaging bits of information were yet to come, and it was revealed on August 14th that George Soros’ Open Society had been hacked.

Soros, a globalist in the extreme, was revealed as having manipulated the formation of the European Union, Black Lives Matter, and funding the DNC. In the e-mails, it was shown that he viewed State of the Union addresses before the General Public, funded global-interest candidates, and gave advice to Hillary Clinton regularly on matters involving Albania and other countries. With this information now made public, (along with Soros’ history of destabilizing currencies and nations and his unabashed disrespect toward American citizens at home and abroad) I would assume that some might question Clinton’s dangerous relationships with con-men and radicals.

I personally anticipate that one of these leaks will bring irrevocable harm upon the Democrats, and I cannot help but feel pity for those that follow lock-step with the Democratic Party after these events. What among this does not prove they are corrupt and you are their slave?

While I am not the most fervent member of the Republican Party, it is now clear to me that the shackles and oppression of our citizens by the media, Establishment politician goons, and globalists must be stripped from us. With one voice we must plead, “Give me liberty or give me death!”



I have known Sam for over a decade, and he has never been shy about his politics. He has written enough for Millennial Liberty that I have given him his own little corner where you can find his other pieces. As a gay Trump supporter, he draws massive amounts of hate from the left. This only makes him stronger.
Sam has been following the DNC leaks since the story broke, and will be continuing to cover the story. Every time Wikileaks releases more information, Sam breaks into song and dance. He can be reached via Twitter using @owenstsl. Follow Millennial Liberty on Twitter @BasedCapitalist  or subscribe to the Millennial Liberty Facebook page to stay up to date.