Since the Orlando terrorist attack, the establishment political class and mainstream media have responded with an all-out assault on the Bill of Rights. Almost all of these sacrosanct values have been questioned in the wake of the attack.

The most obvious is the debate over gun regulation. Anyone who has payed any attention to this most recent attack realizes that none of the typical measures that the left always pushes would have been effective. Of course, this has never stopped them before. Although the first round of gun controls were have been voted down, I have no doubt that more are on the way. The proposals included your typical “expand background checks” and “gun show loophole” fluff, but the media seems most focused on either (A:) denial of purchases to anyone who has been investigated by the FBI in the last 5 years at the discretion of the attorney general or (B:) repeal of the 2nd amendment. It never seems to occur to those advocating for plan B that such an action would cause a second civil war. Gun confiscation ignited the American revolution, and caused the Wounded Knee massacre (the REAL largest mass shooting in American history). Any attempt at mass gun grabs in the United States will turn bloody.

The plan A approach not only attacks the 2nd amendment, but the 5th as well. While the 2nd allows for private ownership of arms, the 5th ensures that no individual can be denied life, liberty, or property without due process of law. Being placed on a list of undesirables is not sufficient to deny the right of an individual to own property which is constitutionally protected. Senator Joe Manchin, who swore an oath to the Constitution, has stated specifically that the right to due process was the reason the Orlando terrorist was not stopped. I would like to encourage everyone reading this to sign the petition calling for his resignation.

The treasonous attacks on Constitutional liberty do not stop there however. There is a lot of overlap within the Bill of Rights, meaning that you can rarely violate one without violating at least two others. The terror watch list is secret. Those on the list are typically not aware of their status, and are unable to confront their accusers in a speedy and fair trial by jury. They are also unable to call witnesses, cross examine witnesses called by the prosecution, or retain council for their defense. These are the rights guaranteed by the 6th amendment. There are other arbitrary government lists also being discussed as a means for denial of individual rights, but the same applies to them as well.

We must also consider the nature of the accusations which could land someone on a watch list. The 8th amendment guarantees that the punishment should fit the crime. Being concerned about personal privacy and security, using cash, gardening or speaking out against the government could land you on the terrorist watch list. Given the very broad guidelines and lack of due process, virtually anyone could be placed on the list. Even if a small crime was committed, it could not be used to deny an individual their 2nd amendment rights unless it was violent in nature, or that individual could be proven to be a threat to themselves or others.

Of course, no judge would issue a warrant on the basis that lands most people on the terrorist watch list. Ignoring due process makes short work of the 4th amendment, even if we accept that the collection of private data without a court order does not violate the protection against unreasonable search and seizure. What need is there for collecting evidence, legally or otherwise, if none needs to be presented to find an individual guilty? Without a trial the 7th amendment, which guarantees that the conclusions of the jury must be upheld and that a judge can’t simply rule against the defendant, is also violated. By sidestepping the entire legal framework laid out in the Constitution, our government has trampled every legal right of the individual, and we aren’t done yet.

The 1st amendment is also at risk. Not only can you be placed on the terror watch list for exercising your free speech, but the internet has been blamed for radicalizing the Orlando terrorist. Our dear leader, Chairma- I mean PRESIDENT Obama, has refused to speculate on the motive or affiliation of the attacker, but is damned sure that free access to information on the internet is to blame. No doubt this is another push for control and censorship of the open web.

The basis of the Bill of Rights is in English Common Law, natural rights theory, property rights, and self ownership. The framers knew that they could fill thousands of pages with the rights of man, as this had already been done in the treatises of political philosophers. They picked out the rights that they considered most important, and added the 9th and 10th amendments to ensure that any rights not listed specifically were still retained by the States and the individuals residing within. The role of the Federal government is to manage the interactions between the states and foreign governments, not individuals. So, when the Feds violate any of the first eight, they are also violating the 9th and 10th amendments.

By my count, only the 3rd amendment has not be threatened by the President, media, or Congress since the Orlando terrorist attack. I’m sure they are working on that one too, just for consistency. It is only a matter of time before we are quartering soldiers in our homes. It will, no doubt, be for our own safety. Who else will defend us from the terrorists, once we are no longer able to defend ourselves? People will probably demand it.

Our fearless leader stoically continues to watch baseball and crack jokes with a Communist dictator when an airport in Brussels is blown up by terrorists. It would be inappropriate to react to terrorism, after all. If they can interrupt the President’s enjoyment of a baseball game, then they have clearly won. When an ISIS gunman shoots up a nightclub in Orlando, however, he and the rest of his ilk waste no time in completely destroying the Bill of Rights and our entire legal framework. The destruction of Western society and the rule of law definitely is not the goal of terrorism, and in no way means that they have won. Go back to sleep. Your government is watching over you like a big brother, keeping you safe. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.