Stolen from Liberty Hangout
Stolen from Liberty Hangout

I love this election. It has been full of drama, tragedy, and endless comedy. People from every political party have been pulling their hair and wringing their hands over their own candidate. Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Gary Johnson all represent absurd caricatures of their parties. It is obvious that our political process is a train wreck in slow motion.

I’ve never seen a politician who I would trust with the levers of power. Even Ron Paul shouldn’t decide who lives and dies. What made him so appealing as a candidate was that he didn’t want power. There are still people who suffer from “white knight syndrome”, and expect one of the candidates to solve all of their problems. Most people, however, are waking up to the reality that people are inherently flawed. No individual can fix the world, certainly not these goons. The more power and authority is centralized, the more quickly the house of cards will collapse.

Hillary Clinton might as well be a demonic puppet. Her jack-o-lantern smile, cold dead eyes, and haunting laugh send chills down my spine. She sells a message of equality and prosperity, but her party has been in charge for nearly a decade and has only produced a sluggish economic recovery and racial division. She is everything that many Democrats claim to hate: a career politician, corrupt insider, compulsive lier, racist, and a warmonger.

The Democratic party was once the home of anti-war progressives. I may not agree with them about much, but we did share a distaste for foreign intervention. Clinton’s Democratic party is the party of war profiteers, defense contractors, and drone strikes. Obama may have started this trend, but Clinton was a major player in his administration. The Democratic party now has nothing to offer anyone who cares about life, liberty, or property rights.

Donald Trump may be a “straight shooter”, but he always fires from the hip. He is unpredictable, brash, and obscene. While this has provided some much needed comic relief, most people are nervous about the prospect of a Trump presidency. The Republicans were once the party of fiscal responsibility, but Trump plans to implement disastrous tariffs. He also doesn’t have much of a plan to reduce the federal budget, only promises of eliminating “waste, fraud, and abuse”. To me, that would mean scrapping the whole federal government, but since he also talks about increasing military spending I assume that Trump disagrees with me.

Despite his love of the military, Trump is considerably less hawkish than a typical Republican. I consider this to be a feature, not a bug, but much of the neoconservative base is turned off by his criticism of nation building, the war in Iraq, and his desire to stay neutral on Israel in order to negotiate a peace settlement. The majority of Republicans rightly see him as unrealistic, naive, unqualified, and potentially dangerous. None of these qualities are “conservative”, or appealing to the right wing.

Gary Johnson seemed alright back in 2012. At the time he was copying from Ron Paul’s playbook, and promoting the populist strengths of the Libertarian Party. After he lost, he was appointed CEO of a recreational marijuana company. This is when things really went down hill. I bought stock in his company, and lost money. How do you run a company that sells pot into the ground? By getting high on your own supply. Johnson should have listened to Biggie Smalls. He could have spent the last four years reading Rothbard and Mises, and building an intellectual foundation for his platform. Instead, he sounds like an annoying pothead who “has it all figured out, man”.

He is a walking, talking, libertarian stereotype. He proves all of those people right who say “libertarians just want to smoke pot”. There is a big push to get him into the debates, and frankly I hope it fails. He was demolished in the Libertarian Party debates by Austin Petersen, an Internet troll. Imagine how he would look next to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, two seasoned debaters in the Super Bowl of political events. The Libertarian Party has been struggling to be taken seriously for decades. He would put them back 20 years in just a few hours.

Jill Stein is a joke who can’t beat Deez Nuts or Harambe in the polls, but I’ll devote a few precious sentences to her. I disagree with her on just about every issue. She is a woo-woo new age hippie, and probably smokes more pot than Gary Johnson.

The best thing about this election is just how terrible all of the candidates are. As a country, virtually all of us can agree that none of these people should be president. It has never been more obvious how dangerous our system of government is for human life and liberty. We have given the State the power it holds over us, and now we can see what a poor choice that was.

Democracy is the tyranny of the majority. With 51% of the vote, a political party can carry out any number of atrocities. We don’t live in a pure democracy, but in a constitutionally limited representative republic. Our laws limit the powers of government, but those limits were exceeded decades ago, and are now totally ignored. By voting for representatives, rather than directly on issues, we are forced to prioritize our concerns, but this simply concentrates and centralizes authority in a few corrupt individuals.

Only by decentralizing control, and limiting the authority of our government and representatives, can we reclaim our country. We should not be terrified of Hillary Clinton grabbing guns and taking us into war, or Trump throwing up tariffs and putting Muslims in camps, because the separation of powers under the Constitution should prevent such actions. While the Constitution failed to prevent the growth and overreach of the Federal government, a return to limited government would be a step in the right direction.

Self determination should the the highest ideal in our society. I value my personal safety, the wellbeing of my family and community, cultural traditions, and the lives of the poor and minorities, but none of these things are should be managed by government. They are too important to leave in the hands of power hungry sociopaths. Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, and anyone else who seeks political power and authority, should not be trusted with running our lives.